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firefox [2011/10/12 21:56] (текущий)
Строка 1: Строка 1:
 +|Private Browsing|?​||
 +|Reload Tab|?||
 +|Reload All Tabs|?||
 +|Close Other Tabs|?||
 +|Pin as App Tab|?||
 +|Unpin Tab|?||
 +|Move to Group|?||
 +|New Group|?||
 +|Move to New Window|?||
 +|Bookmark All Tabs|?||
 +|Undo Close Tab|?||
 +|Close Tab|?||
 +|List all tabs|?||
 +|New Tab|?||
 +|Open Location|||
 +|Open File|?||
 +|Page Setup|?||
 +|Print Preview|?||
 +|Work Offline|?||
 +|Menu Bar|?||
 +|Navigation Toolbar|?||
 +|Bookmarks Toolbar|?||
 +|Bookmarks Toolbar Items|?||
 +|Add-on Bar|?||
 +|Page Source|?||
 +|Page Info|?||
 +|Full Screen|?||
 +|Show All Tabs|?||
 +|Hide Toolbars|?​||
 +|Exit Full Screen Mode|?||
 +|Close Window|?||
 +|Bookmark This Page|?||
 +|Subscribe to This Page|?||
 +|Bookmark All Tabs|?||
 +|Show All Bookmarks|?​||
 +|Unsorted Bookmarks|?​||
 +|Show more bookmarks|?​||
 +|Go back one page|?||
 +|Go forward one page|?||
 +|Right-click or pull down to show history|?||
 +|Pull down to show history|?||
 +|Reload current page|?||
 +|Stop loading this page|?||
 +|Go to the address in the Location Bar|?||
 +|Print this page|?||
 +|Activity Indicator|?​||
 +|Open &​brandShortName;​ menu|?||
 +|Tab Groups|?||
 +|Group your tabs|?||
 +|Subscribe to this page|?||
 +|Display your bookmarks|?​||
 +|Display your bookmarks|?​||
 +|Unsorted Bookmarks|?​||
 +|Show in Sidebar|?||
 +|View Bookmarks Toolbar|?||
 +|Display pages you've viewed recently|?​||
 +|Add a Keyword for this Search|?||
 +|Web Search|?||
 +|Display the progress of ongoing downloads|?​||
 +|Web Developer|?​||
 +|Error Console|?||
 +|Web Console|?||
 +|Get More Tools|?||
 +|New Window|?||
 +|Redo|Ods topavtoms||
 +|Copy|Sulevtems|| ​
 +|Paste|Tongoms|| ​
 +|Delete|Maštoms|| ​
 +|Select All|?​||  ​
 +|Clear Recent History|?||
 +|Start Private Browsing|?​||
 +|Stop Private Browsing|?​||
 +|Tab Groups|?||
 +|Customize|?​|| ​
 +|Tabs on Top|?||
 +|Recently Closed Tabs|?||
 +|Recently Closed Windows|?||
 +|Restore Previous Session|?||
 +|Show All History|?||
 +|Toolbar |?||
 +|Unsorted Bookmarks|?​||
 +|Web Developer|?​||
 +|Getting Started|?||
 +|Restart with Add-ons Disabled|?​||
 +|Go to a Web Site|?||
 +|Switch to tab:|?||
 +|Open Link in New Tab|?||
 +|Open Link in New Window|?||
 +|Open Link|?||
 +|Open Frame in New Tab|?||
 +|Open Frame in New Window|?||
 +|Show Only This Frame|?||
 +|Reload Frame|?||
 +|View Selection Source|?||
 +|View Page Source|?||
 +|View Frame Source|?||
 +|View Page Info|?||
 +|View Frame Info|?||
 +|Reload Image|?||
 +|View Image|?||
 +|View Image Info|?||
 +|View Video|?||
 +|View Background Image|?||
 +|Set As Desktop Background|?​||
 +|Bookmark This Page|?||
 +|Bookmark This Link|?||
 +|Bookmark This Frame|?||
 +|Send Link|?||
 +|Save Page As|?||
 +|Save Frame As|?||
 +|Print Frame|?||
 +|Save Link As|?||
 +|Send Link|?||
 +|Save Image As|?||
 +|Save Video As|?||
 +|Save Audio As|?||
 +|Send Image|?||
 +|Send Video|?||
 +|Send Audio|?||
 +|Copy Link Location|?​||
 +|Copy Image Location|?​||
 +|Copy Image|?||
 +|Copy Video Location|?​||
 +|Copy Audio Location|?​||
 +|Copy Email Address|?||
 +|This Frame|?||
 +|Show Controls|?​||
 +|Hide Controls|?​||
 +|Full Screen|?||
 +|Zoom In|?||
 +|Zoom Out|?||
 +|Zoom Text Only|?||
 +|Open a new tab|?||
 +|Open a new window|?||
 +|Close sidebar|?||
 +|Display the window in full screen|?||
 +|Zoom out|?||
 +|Zoom in|?||
 +|Zoom Controls|?​||
 +|Quit &​brandShortName;​|?​||
 +|Page Style|?||
 +|No Style|?||
 +|Basic Page Style|?||
 +|Change pop-up blocking settings for this web site|?||
 +|Edit Pop-up Blocker Preferences|?​||
 +|Edit Pop-up Blocker Options|?||
 +|Switch Page Direction|?​||
 +|Switch Text Direction|?​||
 +|Find in This Page|?||
 +|Find Again|?||
 +|Add Dictionaries|?​||
 +|This web site does not supply identity information.|?​||
 +|You are connected to|?||
 +|which is run by|?||
 +|More Information|?​||
 +|Click to open downloads window|?||
 +|Search Tabs|?||
 +|Browser tabs|?||
 +|Tabs From Other Computers|?​||
 +|Set Up &​syncBrand.shortName.label;​|?​||
 +|Sync Now|?||
 +|Close Add-on Bar|?||
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